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I decided to frizz up my Frohawk today. I’m kinda liking it. What do you think?
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I often don’t know where I’m going, or where I will end up, but I find the real adventure is getting there.

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Who else does this happen to?

All day!

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Animal Picture Holders DIY

As a Jersey girl, I am taught to believe that nothing can be too glittery or too gaudy, and that is why I love these glitter animal picture holders. Not that they’re gaudy, but that they’re glittery and fun!

I was going through Pinterest and remember thinking how I wanted to create a DIY using plastic animals, there’s something so whimsy about having a handful of them on display.

I found my animals at my local party store for about $.59 a piece. I used these powdery fine glitters by Martha Stewart (a Marshall’s find). You’ll also need Mod Podge in gloss, paper plates, a heavy wire, sponge brush, long nose pliers, and (not shown) drill & drill bit.

You want to brush a good amount of the Mod Podge onto your animal.

Sprinkle your glitter on each.

Allow them to dry completely. Add more coats as needed.

Mod Podge also works as a sealer. Layer a coat on top to seal the glitter and keep it from coming off. Allow to dry completely.

Use your drill to slowly place holes in the top of your plastic animal. This is where the wire will go. I drilled about half-way, holding my plastic animal tightly.

Use your long nose pliers to cut the desired length of the wire and then twisting one end to create a ‘cork’ to go into the hole.

Twist the top of the wire and place inside each plastic animal.

Place your favorite picture in each!

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